Man Tells Police He Committed Fake Murder in Order to…

There are few things in this world worse than having to shovel snow out of your driveway in the winter.

[This is where the reader starts to wonder if the title of this article wasn’t swapped accidentally with another piece.]

The heavy, wet mess that accumulates in your yard and where you park your cars, and whenever that cold witch Mother Nature decides its time.

[Lightbulbs are starting to go off.]

It’s awful, and folks around the world are always looking for a way to make it easier on themselves when it comes to this blizzardly burden.

One man in the Ukraine believed that he had come up an ingenious way to get someone else to clear the snow from near his home: ┬áHe’d just call up the cops, tell them that he just murdered someone in his house, and that – if they want to come and apprehend him – they had better bring a snowplow.

What could go wrong?

In the midst of a particularly vicious fight with his stepfather, the man told authorities, his temper got the best of him and he proceeded to stab the senior citizen in the chest multiple times. The unfortunate victim, the homeowner lamented, was now unresponsive on the floor and seemingly dead. Deeply repentant for what he had done, the man asked the operator to dispatch the police so that they could come and arrest him as well as remove his stepfather’s remains.

However, he ‘helpfully’ cautioned them, the road outside his home had yet to be cleared following the recent storm and, therefore, the cops would need to be accompanied by a snowplow in order to ultimately take him into custody. Alas, it would seem that karma quickly got the best of the man as, in the brief window of time between when he placed the call and the police arrived at his home, a plow actually made its way down the street and freed him from his snowbound predicament.

While the man did get his drive plowed, (no thanks to the police), he’s now facing a charge for filing a false police report.

And no, there was no murder.