Major US City Using Planes and Video Surveillance to Enforce Social Distancing

This is beginning to feel more and more like a B-rate dystopian thriller by the day, isn’t it?

I don’t mean to cheapen this global pandemic; not by a long shot.  This is a serious and volatile experience, and we must strive endlessly to find the proper balance between precaution and panic.

Social distancing is the key, we’ve been told, to starving the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus that is currently ravaging the planet.  No parties, no houseguests, no concerts, and no restaurants until April 30th…if we’re lucky.

In order to maintain compliance with these guidelines, cities around the nation have installed curfews and threatened fines against individuals not in compliance.

In Detroit, they’re taking all of this a step further.

“We are going to have to deal far more strictly with enforcing the governor’s executive order on social distancing,” Mayor Mike Duggan said on Friday.

“I expect the police department to be very strong in dealing with groups that are gathered and have no reason to be in public,” he said.

According to the Metro Times, the city has begun removing basketball rims at public parks to discourage congregating.

And here is where it gets scary:

The Bridge reported:

Duggan acknowledged city officials had “significant debate … about closing parks” but settled on increased patrols, plane flyovers and video surveillance to disperse crowds.

Measures such as this have sparked great debate here in the United States, as to whether or not this is an overreach by local police departments or city officials, and whether or not these surveillance programs would cease to exist once the national emergency declaration has been lifted.