Major ‘MAGA MAY DAY’ Protests Planned for a Number of American Cities Next Week

Is it safe to reopen the economy?  Will coronavirus fade into obscurity now that we’ve flattened the curve?  Are we put our at-risk populations in danger by sending them off to the Sunday matinee?

These are the sort of questions that Americans of all stripes are grappling with these days, and the arguments over whether or not we’re ready to restart the economy have been raging online as of late.

This had led a number of anti-lockdown protesters to organize online, and prepare for a major demonstration in the coming days.

“MAGA May Day” freedom rallies are slated to pop up across America Friday, May 1, aimed to send a message to “local and state government tyrants” that it is time to safely and responsibly reopen the country.

The “drive-in” rallies for freedom encourage participants to head to their state capitol or local government building to protest the nationwide lockdowns and demand independence from China, not allowing the country to “control trade, supply chains, or anything else that affects the daily life, health, happiness of American citizens.”

A schedule shows events slated to pop up in Honolulu, Hawaii; Phoenix, Arizona; Northampton, Massachusetts; Los Angeles, California; Huntington Beach, California; San Diego, California; San Francisco, California; Ventura, California; Louisville, Kentucky; Salem, Oregon; Chicago, Illinois; Springfield, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Morehead City, North Carolina; Smithfield, North Carolina; Brookfield, Wisconsin; Carson City, Nevada; Boise, Idaho; and Limerick, Pennsylvania.


The events are not arising on account of any bizarre conspiracy theories, however.

Organizers also stress that they are “NOT anti-quarantine” and preemptively debunked the emerging leftist narrative that anti-lockdown protesters believe the virus is a “hoax.”

“This virus is not a hoax. It is very real and we must protect the most vulnerable…health care workers, the elderly, those who are immuno-compromised, and others,” organizers said.

“However, America cannot destroy the lives and dreams of the majority to protect a few. The cure cannot be more dangerous than the disease,” they continued.

“We risk losing who we are as a nation by completely shutting down the country and the economy. Americans are strong, resilient, and independent!” they added.

We can only imagine what sort of jokes the still-quarantined, (and still not funny), cast of Saturday Night Live will come up with for this one.