Major Democratic Contender Quits Organization, Will Form THIRD PARTY!

Americans have long wondered about how healthy this two party system is, and whether or not this is the sort of false dichotomy that always ends in conflict and stagnation on account of that conflict.

Spoiler alert:  It is, and this is precisely the sort of nonsensical arrangement that the founding fathers were concerned.

Yet, still, they try.

 Former presidential and New York mayoral candidate Andrew Yang is set to launch a third party next month, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Yang is expected to start the party in conjunction with the Oct. 5 release of his new book, “Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy.”

It’s not clear what the name of Yang’s third party will be or how he plans to deploy it in 2022 or 2024. Yang and his team did not respond to requests for comment.

The new party plot points were thus far rather bland.

But the book’s publisher, Crown, did give some clues about the type of platform Yang may pursue. It writes that the book is an indictment of America’s “era of institutional failure” and will introduce “us to the various ‘priests of the decline’ of America, including politicians whose incentives have become divorced from the people they supposedly serve.”

Yang’s inability to elevate his political lot through the Democratic Party may have played a role in his decision to strike out on his own, and there’s no telling how many voters or politicians he’ll be able to siphon off for this latest experiment.