Mainstream Pundit Lashes Out at Twitter Over Censorship of Hunter Biden Story

When it comes to news surrounding the 2020 election, this week was a doozy.

Not only did we have two, competing town halls from 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden and incumbent Republican President Donald Trump, but we also had a wild story broken by the New York Post.

In that story, a computer allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden revealed emails that purported to show a connection between his job at Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company, and his father, Joe Biden.  The former Vice President had spent years denying that he had ever even spoken to his son about the business deal, and these alleged emails seemed to make him a liar.

As soon as the story broke, however, Twitter and Facebook leapt into action, suspending, locking, and blocking accounts who spread the news.

Even links to the story that came through “.gov” URLs were being censored, leading to some serious claims of bias from of the news industry’s biggest names.

Facebook and Twitter’s decision to restrict users from sharing a series of bombshell New York Post reports exploring Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings “really strikes me as smacking of Big Brother,” “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace told the “Fox News Rundown” podcast Friday.

“I’ve got a real problem with that. I think you’re either in or you’re out,” Wallace said. “And when I say that, either it’s the Wild West and you post everything — and I can understand the concern about that after what happened in 2016 with Russian disinformation — or you put everything out there and if you have a problem with some of it … then put a word on there to your users and say, ‘We can’t confirm this story’ or ‘There’s some questions with this story.’

“But to just ban it and to say, ‘Nobody is allowed to discuss this story or post this story’ — which, you know, is out there and you can’t put the genie back in the bottle, it was the front page of the New York Post — really strikes me as smacking of Big Brother.”

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is currently facing the threat of a congressional subpoena over the move, as our elected leaders look to get to the bottom of their decision-making on this story.