Maher’s Comparison Of Biden Gets A Lot Of Attention


Liberal comedian and late-night host Bill Maher gave Biden a new nickname and turned the President into a joke.

Maher called the President “Ruth Bader Biden” comparing him to former Supreme Court Justice RBG, who refused to step down, giving Trump the ability to appoint a conservative-leaning Supreme Court Majority.

Now to be clear, conservative commentator Benny Johnson is being a little disingenuous, Maher isn’t “turning on Biden” to support Trump. Maher would prefer a different candidate because he’s worried about Biden losing support.

Katharine Ham also appeared on the show and highlighted the double standard of the Biden administration while verbally sparring with Sam Harris


Partial Transcript:


HAM: The standard of evidence used for the Russia thing for three, four years vs. the standard of evidence used now in media for Biden and Hunter Biden’s shenanigans and fairly obvious influence peddling is worlds apart, worlds apart, and voters deserve fairness in how these two people are treated. They do not get it, and they sometimes don’t get it from law enforcement.

HARRIS: Yes, there’s a lot to untangle here, but I’ll completely grant you that if Hunter Biden had been Don Jr., if it had been Don Jr.’s laptop everything would change in terms of the reception, and that seems like an unfair asymmetry, but the background reality is that we have never had a person like Trump in our politics, certainly not in the lifetime of anyone in this studio, and he has violated, he has shattered every norm. We didn’t even know how much we relied on norms. We are a nation of laws, but more important than the laws are the norms. Like committing to a peaceful transfer of power. I mean, that was the most shocking violation of normal democratic principles I think in our history.

HAM: I agree with you about the norms, and here’s the problem. A bunch of people, including in the justice system, looked at Trump and said, “He’s going to bust all the norms, and you know what we need to do? Bust all the norms to stop him!” And that was a very unhealthy decision.

HARRIS: It’s unhealthy, I’ll grant you that.

MAHER: Alright, time to stop.