MAGA Man at Pelosi’s Desk: I Need A ‘Wicked Attorney’ or Two

The FBI, along with what I’d assume is a smattering of other available law enforcement agencies, is looking for any and all information that they can get on the throngs of Trump supporters who ransacked the Capitol on Wednesday night.

Those that can be tracked down will undoubtedly find themselves facing some heavy charges, and the more pronounced individuals, the brazen ones, will undoubtedly be looking at jail time.

The man who grew to infamy as he lounged in Nancy Pelosi’s office is now admitting that he’ll need some “wicked” lawyers.

The man photographed sitting at a desk in Nancy Pelosi’s office during the Capitol Hill riots has been identified by the media as Richard Barnett of Arkansas – and he is now insisting he is “not a thief” despite allegedly swiping a letter addressed by the House speaker.

Barnett, as of midday Thursday, does not appear to be facing any charges related to the storming of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, which resulted in four deaths and at least 70 arrests. Demonstrators are still being sought by police.

“If you are a wicked attorney get in touch with me – I’m going to need one or two,” he told KFSM in a phone interview following the chaos.

His side of the story makes the incident, which is being described as an insurrection unique in our history, as mild and quaint.

“As I’m looking for the bathroom I walked by and there were doors opened to offices. I looked in and saw it was Nancy Pelosi’s office,” he told KFSM.

“I sat down here in my desk. I’m a taxpayer. I’m a patriot. That ain’t her desk – we loaned her that desk,” he continued. “And she ain’t appreciating the desk, so I thought I would sit down and appreciate the desk.”

Barnett said at that point he realized he was cut and had “bled on her envelope.” One of the viral images appears to show blood on his left thumb.

“So I picked up the envelope and I put it in my pocket and I put a quarter on the desk. Cause I’m not a thief,” he told KSFM.

I don’t think it’s the envelope they’re going to get you for, Rich.