Los Angeles SWAT Deployed After Pro-Trump Caravan Comes Under Fire

Many of us thought that we would never live to see the day in which our fellow countrymen are firing upon one another over petty, political differences…but here we are.

After years of the mainstream media stoking the tensions of the American people, we have finally arrive at the beginning of the second American Civil War, which began in earnest just before Labor Day of 2020.  Over the weekend, a Trump-supporting 17 year old brandishing an AR-15 shot and killed two protesters in Wisconsin.  A day later, a man who has proclaimed to be “100% Antifa” shot and killed a Trump supporter in Portland in an incident some have described as an “execution”.  That latter incident occurred after a large caravan of Trump supporters paraded through the streets of the Oregon capital, firing paintballs and bear mace at protesters.

On Sunday, the violence had spread to Los Angeles, where a similar Trump-supporting caravan took fire from a nearby apartment complex.

Three suspects were surrounded by law enforcement Sunday following an alleged shooting during a pro-Trump caravan rally in Woodland Hills.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) SWAT Team surrounded the suspects who were barricaded inside an apartment complex, according to Patch.com.

“Police responded to a report of gunshots at a caravan rally in support of President Donald Trump in the 20600 block of Ventura Boulevard at about 11:30 a.m. Sunday. No one was wounded in the shooting,” the report said.

Officer Drake Madison of the LAPD said Ventura Boulevard was shut down for hours, adding that it was “still a fluid situation.”

The building where the suspects were located was locked down and all nearby apartments evacuated, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Details regarding the conclusion of the standoff were still developing as of this writing.