LOOK: Massive Prints Founds on British Beach After Multiple Bigfoot Sightings

Nevit Dilmen

We as human beings have always been fascinated with the unknown.  Our analytical minds can only handle so much banking and math and hierarchy before we need to get a hard reset with a good ghost story or a tale of some strange creature going bump in the night.

In the United States, one of those fascinating side-stories in our culture revolves around Bigfoot, the mythical giant primate that allegedly stalks the deep, dark forests of our nation, terrorizing outdoorsmen while remaining generally non-existent to mainstream science.

But, every so often, there will be a somewhat credible sighting somewhere far away from the famous Sasquatch habitats of the American northwest…even as far away as Great Britain.

It looks like Bigfoot’s gone on holiday – to Norfolk!

Visitors have reported seeing a “massive beast” on Holkham Beach over the past week.

One sunseeker said he saw a 15ft-tall creature built “like Arnold Schwarzenegger”.

And huge footprints – five times the size of a man’s – were also seen at the beauty spot.

The prints were incredibly distinct.

Two of Bigfoot’s huge footprints

And this wasn’t the first sighting in the area, either.

Another local, Graham Yardley, 29, said he had heard of Bigfoot in the area when he was a kid.

He said: “My dad used to tell me stories of a Bigfoot who lives in the pine forests by the beaches.

“He used to say the creature survived on eating sheep and cows – I never believed him until now.”

Britain has more than a few local Bigfoot legends, but this sighting still appears to be an extraordinary example.