LOOK: Florida Authorities Trap MASSIVE Gator That Attacked Cyclist

When it comes to the sunny, tourist-heavy destination known as Florida, there is plenty of wildlife that visitors need to worry about.

First and foremost, there are the locals, who are constantly finding themselves detailed in bizarre headlines for their antics, which have been known to be influenced by a variety of drugs and scantily clad situations.

But there are other creatures to fear in Florida as well.  Iguanas, for instance, who’ve been falling out of trees and onto people and their homes when the weather turns cold.  Or the invasive pythons that are ravaging The Everglades.

Or, of course, the alligator – the quintessential Florida danger-pest – who are protecting their nests during this part of the year.

A bicyclist was attacked by a roughly 9-foot long alligator at a park in Stuart, Florida, on Monday, according to authorities.

The unidentified man was riding his bike on a trail at Halpatiokee Regional Park around 11 a.m., when he lost control and fell “about six feet down an embankment” and into a body of water, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

He was believed to have landed close to a female alligator who was near her nest, reports said. After he fell, the gator bit the man, severely injuring him.

“The cyclist was able to break free then crawl to an area where he was assisted by a bystander,” the sheriff’s office said.

A trapper was later able to locate and then relocate the huge animal.

Experts have suggested that this is a particularly bad time to stumble upon female alligators, given that this is their nesting season.

The victim’s injuries were described by authorities as “traumatic”, but not life-threatening.