Liz Cheney Has ABSURD Take on Trump’s Legal Culpability


Donald Trump has always had his fair share of detractors, and his relatively recent jaunt into American politics brought with it the added bonus of multiplying that number quite a few times over.

And so, as has been customary with Donald Trump, you don’t need to look far to find someone who’s ready to proclaim, once and for all this time, that he’s headed toward “big trouble”.

The latest to fall victim to this mindless drivel is outgoing Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney.

From an interview on CNN:

Anchor Jake Tapper asked. “Do you think, as a personal opinion and an attorney, that there are criminal offenses?”

Cheney said, “Well, I want to be careful because I’m the vice chair of the committee because the committee itself has to make determinations about criminal referrals. Those are decisions that the committee will make.”

But then…

She added, “I think clearly what we have laid out, though, indicates that the former president of the United States was involved in efforts that were not only unconstitutional but also violated the law.”

It should be noted that former President Donald Trump has not been charged with any crime, despite months of investigation by Cheney and her colleagues on the January 6th select committee.

This lack of indictments, coupled with the seriously thorough nature of their probes, has led some to believe that any charges still forthcoming will be conjured and unconvincing.