Lindsey Grahams Takes Cheap Shot At MTG


Senate Republican Leader Lindsey Graham has blasted Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greenes praise for Jack Teixeira, the 21yearold Air National Guardsman arrested last week for leaking classified military documents.

The leaked documents, some of which U.S. officials have indicated are doctored, showed NATO intelligence about the war in Ukraine, including death tolls and the training of Ukrainian troops.

If youre a member of the military intelligence community and you disagree with American policy and you think youre going to be okay when it comes to leaking classified information, youre going to go to jail, Graham said during an interview on ABCsThis Week.Its one of the most irresponsible statements she could make.

Graham argued that Rep. Greenes suggestion that Teixeiras actions were justified because of his political viewswill destroy Americas ability to defend itself.

What theyre suggesting will destroy Americas ability to defend itself, Graham said.That its OK to release classified information based on your political views. That the ends justify the means. And for any member of Congress to suggest its OK to leak classified information because you agree with the cause is terribly irresponsible and puts America in serious danger.

Sen. Graham has been a staunch supporter of the Ukrainian government in its fight against Russia, and has pressed the Biden administration and other lawmakers to allow for even more American support of Ukraine, even as some of his colleagues have started to question U.S. involvement.

Many are standing with Senator Graham in his condemnation of Rep. Greenes irresponsible statement, urging her to retract her support for the leaked documents. Our nations security should come first and any attempts to undermine the safety of our citizens should be rejected.