Lindsey Graham OBLITERATES Mar-a-Lago Raid in Scathing Interview


For weeks now, the GOP has been ablaze, as prominent Republicans continue to lash out against the FBI and DOJ over their recent raid of former President Trump’s Florida home.

The raid, which sought to reacquire a number of documents for the National Archives, saw armed FBI agents descend upon Mar-a-Lago in dramatic fashion.  When it was all said and done, a new Democratic narrative emerged purporting that Donald Trump was up to some vague, nefarious scheme involving the documents.

Senator Lindsey Graham has railed against the raid on several occasions, but this week took the opportunity to suggest that the media hooplah surrounding the incident is reminiscent of the RussiaGate hoax from years ago.

Graham had the following to say during a recent appearance on Fox News:

Graham said, “This is the playbook of the Russia investigation where you read in The New York Times and The Washington Post about the investigation that all turns out to be BS. So what do I want? I want a special master to look at what was seized. I don’t trust the taint team. I want somebody outside of DOJ to look through these documents to see what is privileged, what is attorney-client.”

And then…

He added, “Number two, I want the affidavit released to the American public. We are 80 days before an election, a midterm election, and we are going to be reading every few days in The Washington Post and The New York Timesand other liberal media outlets about what is in these documents and about what Trump knew and what he did. If you release the affidavit, all of us can judge what is there or not there. So this idea of drip, drip, drip, 80 days before an election, we need to see the affidavit.”

The idea that Donald Trump, the “America First” President, is some sort of national security threat has been prevalent in Democratic circles for quite some time, but has been thoroughly debunked via a number of extensive investigations.