Legal ‘Experts’ Conclude: Trump Will Be INDICTED


As Donald Trump’s unconventional political path continues to develop into the future, there are some serious concerns about whether or not he’ll succumb to the nearly perpetual legal threats that face him.

This is Teflon Don after all, and for all of the trouble he’s been in before, he’s always had a rather blunt and simple escape route.

But now, as a number of litigious issues encircle him, some legal experts believe that the former President is all but doomed.

Legal experts Andrew Weissmann, Maya Wiley and Basil Smikle all agreed that it’s officially the beginning of the end of Donald Trump. It’s an expectation that has been heard before, but even with the previous special counsel, there was a “policy” that the Justice Department would protect the president.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked his panel of two lawyers and a professor to join in a kind of thought experiment. “You get hired, Andrew Weissmann, as the new legal team. They fire their old lawyers an they want you. You get the briefing book with the rundown of the legal issues facing your client your forced client says to you am I going to be indicted? You say what?”

Just how sure was the panel?

“Bye bye, baby,” said Wiley.

“It is happening,” agreed Smikle. “It’s not whether it’s going to happen, it’s when and with how many of these things that are in front of you.”

“And how many counts,” Miley said.

The group would go on to suggest that Trump’s real trouble lie in the state-level investigations he faces, as there would be no chance for a federal reprieve or pardon in those cases.

But given what we already know about Trump’s ability to slip the proverbial noose, this is still all just pure speculation.