Left Wing Pundit Says GOP Win in 2022 Will END DEMOCRACY


As our nation continues to face a number of violent political threats, there is little evidence of the mainstream media’s cognizance of their culpability for this problem.

The infotainment industry has long been a ghoulish conglomerate of corporate cretins and hyperbolic goblins, hellbent on exchanging angst and despair for attention and dollars.  Ratings are the name of the game, as they relate directly to advertising dollars and profitability, and it should be noted that “truth” and “responsibility” have very little bearing on the equation.

That is perhaps why the latest statements from MSNBC’s Cornell Belcher are so disturbing.

Belcher said, “Whether or not Trump endorses these Republicans or, you know, he’s backing them is moot because they all propagate the big lie. The big lie now is larger than Trump. It’s bigger than Trump. The big lie right now really is about fear. It’s about being replaced. It’s about the other. It’s about losing power, and so record, regardless of whether they are backing or being endorsed by Trump or not, across the board, you have these Republican candidates who are propagating the lie, and the lie is basically rooted in this fear of losing their country.”

He continued, “2022 is going to be the most consequential election of our time. As the reporting has shown, you’ve got hundreds of these people who are literally running on the idea this I’m going to overturn an election if it doesn’t go our way.”

Here is where his rhetoric turned from offensive to dangerous:

He added, “We have a republic if we can keep it. I think in 2022, we’re going to answer Ben Franklin’s refrain whether or not we can keep this republic. If Republicans do win this election, I think to Dowd’s point in 2024. We’re going to lose democracy.”

Suggesting that our nation will cease to exist in its current form should your political opponents find success is like saying that the only way to win a game is by forcing a forfeit from the other team, and it sets up a false sense of duty for radical liberals who may be compelled to violence to “save” their country.