Lawyer Famous for Qanon Connections Now a Contender in Carolina

If there is anything the last year has taught us, politically, it’s that the Republican Party has some work to do if they are destined to remain unified.

The establishment members of the GOP are now contending with a new far right element within conservatism, as the redhats of the MAGA movement continue to grow and expand ever further into the party.

And, within the MAGA group there is a more radical group still:  The Qanon believers, who are convinced that Donald Trump’s shadow war against the Deep State is the only way in which to save the world.

Now, a prominent lawyer who has long been connected to the Qanon wing of the MAGA universe is becoming a force to be reckoned with in South Carolina.

Lin Wood played a starring role in Georgia’s GOP civil war after the 2020 elections. Now the pro-Trump lawyer is taking his roadshow to South Carolina, where he’s campaigning as a “chaos” candidate to lead the state Republican Party.

Wood, who transformed from a top Atlanta trial lawyer to a leading election conspiracy theorist in November, moved to South Carolina in February. Then the firebrand lawyer shocked the political establishment in one of the GOP’s most important state parties by mounting an unexpectedly strong challenge to the incumbent chairman, Drew McKissick.

The outcome has out-sized implications because of South Carolina’s role in GOP presidential primaries — the state hosts the first primary in the South, and almost always votes for the eventual Republican nominee. It’s emblematic of broader divisions between longtime GOP members and those brought into the Republican fold by Donald Trump, who remains the party’s center of gravity.