Laundrie Family Lawyer Makes SUDDEN Change of Plans

Things are getting ever stranger in the tragic case of Gabby Petito this week, and the Laundrie family is right smack dab in the middle of it.

Petito went missing in late August during a road trip around the country with fiancé Brian Laundrie – who returned home to Florida in Gabby’s van at the beginning of September without her.   Laundrie promptly began a campaign on non-cooperation with the police, as did his family, allowing the court of public opinion, (and the FBI), to come to their own conclusions.

Laundrie is now missing, having taken the opportunity to run that was provided to him by authorities who refused to detain him in Gabby’s disappearance.

The FBI on Monday raided the Laundry home after it was believed that Petito’s body was found in Bridger-Teton National Forest.

A lawyer for the Laundrie family has now had a sudden change of plans due to these late-breaking developments.

The lawyer representing the family of Brian Laundrie said he’s no longer holding a press conference Tuesday after speaking with the FBI, severaloutlets reported.

The press conference had been scheduled for 1 p.m. on Long Island, New York. The lawyer, Steven Bertolino, did not give any more details on the cancellation or his communication with the FBI.

The FBI searched Laundrie’s home in North Port, Florida, on Monday.

Laundrie went hiking one week ago in the vast Carlton Preserve in central Florida, but remains missing today.  His parents did not tell authorities that he was gone until Friday, essentially giving this person of interest a rather sizable head start.