Latest ‘Twitter Files’ Drop Blows Huge Hole in ‘RussiaGate’ Ruse


As Donald Trump was rising to power in 2020, almost unexpectedly if you were to believe the early takes by a number of pundits on both sides of the aisle, a peculiar and unprecedented claim began to emerge.

The Democrats, almost unbelievably, began to suggest that Donald Trump – the patriot supreme candidate – was some sort of Russian double agent.

As part of their evidence for this, they cited stories regarding a massive bevy of Russian trolls and bot on social media, all of which were purportedly shilling for Donald Trump.

Spoiler alert:  That’s not exactly what was going on.

A new release of the Twitter Files provides further evidence that the company was aware that claims of “Russian bots” on the platform, made by Democrats and the media, were wildly exaggerated or outright fabrications. Nevertheless, Twitter continued to indulge the Democrat and mainstream media-pushed conspiracy theory in public.

As Twitter attempted to placate Democrats on the hill with an appeasement strategy, humoring claims about Russian influence they knew were false, Twitter officials complained that the strategy amounted to “feeding congressional trolls.”

As it turns out, the Democrats so loved this narrative that they ignored evidence to the contrary.

“Twitter warned politicians and media the[y] not only lacked evidence, but had evidence the accounts weren’t Russian – and were roundly ignored,” wrote journalist Matt Taibbi, who released the latest batch of the Twitter Files.

The news is just the latest dent in the Democrats’ bizarre claims about Trump’s alleged ties to the Kremlin.