Kari Lake Gets Pushback From Conservatives After Claims


I know it’s primary season, but this could have been handled better.

First off, former President Trump has a commanding lead in the polls and is presumed the favorite. There is no reason to even stoop to this level the DeSantis campaign is cratering all on it’s own.

The former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate told host Patrick Bet-David that DeSantis acted like Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom in 2020.

“Let us not forget that DeSantis also shut the beaches down. DeSantis took a page out of Gavin Newsom’s playbook,” Lake said. “Despite what he says he shut the beaches down. He did force vaccines. He did force face masks on our kids. So he tries to act like he was perfect and Florida …”

Bet-David pushed back on the claim DeSantis “forced vaccines on kids” but Lake doubled down.

“He forced vaccines on people, on workers. He forced facemasks on children,” she said. “And he was for all that, DeSantis was for all of that. So he thinks that we’ve forgot that as well.”

Yes, the beaches were closed during the initial 15 days but they were closed by local officials. DeSantis did follow the Trump administration’s recommendations initially. However, later, he started making his own decisions based on what he saw inside Florida.

Trump even called DeSantis in April of 2020 to make sure he got on board.

DeSantis even went to legislative war with Democrat-run counties who were trying to fine people for not wearing masks.

They accused him of all sorts of horrible things when he extended his executive order stopping mandates.

I don’t think Kari Lake is a “grifter” or a “liar,” but her claims aren’t helpful as we head into the fall. There are plenty of criticisms to level against DeSantis (like who’s funding his campaign). But, Lake’s claims aren’t helpful, hurt her credibility, and muddy the waters over some issues the GOP should be united on.