Kremlin Mouthpieces Make OMINOUS Warning to World


We’ve certainly endured our fair share of Kremlin cronies popping off at the mouth over the course of the last several weeks, as they continue to attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

Their invasion of Ukraine has quickly been outed as pure and unadulterated genocide, with war crimes of all shapes and sizes being reported from just about wherever Russian troops were found.  This continued escalation of rhetoric has gotten out of hand more than a few times, but this week it may have jumped the shark.

Russia’s state TV host and guests have said that World War III has started and noted Ukraine could be just the beginning of a potentially larger conflict with the West.

The Daily Beast’s Julia Davis shared a video Wednesday of a political scientist, commentators, politicians and the Russian state TV host speaking about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The verbiage was unmistakable.

“Russian propagandists and government officials look beyond Ukraine and threaten the collective West on Kremlin-controlled state television: ‘WWIII had started.’ ‘Expect us,'” she wrote on Twitter as she shared the video.

While the guests and the host make these claims in the clip, an English translation can be seen running along the bottom of the video.

Newsweek was able to independently verify that the words accompanying the video match what is being said. However, Newsweek could not yet establish when exactly the video was recorded.

The Kremlin has repeatedly redrawn their figurative line in the sand as it pertains to outside interference from the world at large, and continues to suggest that the economic sanctions that they face as a direct rebuke of the invasion somehow rise to the level of being labeled “economic warfare”.

While the future is a bit uncertain, it is rather apparent that the Kremlin won’t have long before they run out of dire things to say, and that moment may not be a pretty one for the world at large.