Kremlin Leak Reveals Putin’s ABSURD Original Timeline for Ukraine Invasion


For decades, the global community has openly believed that Russia’s military might was second to only the United States, forcing a great many nations to steer clear of outwardly angering the Kremlin.

We now know this to not be the case, as Vladimir Putin’s forces continue to be beaten back by Ukraine’s citizens and soldiers in ever more embarrassing ways.

Now, to add insult to this injury, a leak from deep within Moscow suggests that Putin himself was completely disillusioned about just how strong his army was.

Russian president Vladimir Putin had planned for the invasion of Ukraine’s capital city to take just 13 hours, rather than the 10 months it has now waged on for.

Documents from the Russian despot’s inner circle revealed Putin was so confident in his military that he believed Kyiv would be taken in less than a day.

Putin was rather certain of this accelerated timeline, too.

Russia had been so confident of their half-day war that they allegedly sent national guard and ordinary police under the assumption they would need to control crowds after they took the capital.

One Ukrainian source said: “Our guys couldn’t believe it. They just picked them off as they were driving towards Kyiv. This is when we realised the Russians might not be so hard to beat after all.”

The stark difference between Putin’s plans and reality could very well be a driving factor of the Kremlin’s increasing belligerence when it comes to their failing invasion, as the Russian President and his cronies continue to push a terrifying new nuclear narrative.