KJP Responds To Questions Over Border


President Joe Biden’s administration continues to push a false narrative in an attempt to discredit the state of Texas and its efforts to control its border. A recent statement from Biden’s Department of Homeland Security attempted to falsely blame Texas authorities for the tragic drowning of three migrants at the southern border. But new information from the administration’s own Department of Justice undermines this baseless claim.

Initially, the Biden administration alleged that Texas officials physically barred federal Border Patrol agents from rescuing the drowning migrants, calling the state “cruel, dangerous, and inhumane.” However, the DOJ’s own account makes clear that Texas authorities were not the ones preventing the agents from responding to the distress call from the Mexican government.

In fact, the DOJ states that the Mexican government informed the Border Patrol of the drowning over an hour after it occurred, and the Texas Military Department was only made aware through Border Patrol an hour later. This means that Texas authorities had no control over the situation and were not responsible for the tragic loss of life.

The Biden administration’s false accusation against Texas comes amid an ongoing dispute between the state and the federal government over border control. Texas recently took control of a park in Eagle Pass that was previously being used by Border Patrol to process illegal immigrants before releasing them into the interior of the United States. This move has angered the Biden administration, which has been opposing Texas’ efforts to secure its border with legal challenges.

Despite the administration’s claims, the Texas Military Department has maintained that it played no role in the drowning and did not turn back any illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border. This refutes the accusations from U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), who tried to blame Texas for the deaths and claimed that the state “bears responsibility.”

Texas’ decision to secure its border is more important now than ever, as the United States faces an unprecedented surge of illegal immigration under the Biden administration. In just over one year, over 10 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border, with a record number coming just in November alone. This includes a significant increase in illegal immigration from countries such as China, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and the Dominican Republic.

Despite these alarming numbers, the Biden administration has failed to acknowledge the crisis at the border and has instead focused on attacking Texas. This raises questions about the administration’s priorities and its commitment to addressing the issue of illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, the tragedy of the three migrant deaths highlights the danger and consequences of crossing the border illegally. It is a reminder that illegal immigration is not a victimless crime and puts lives at risk, especially for vulnerable populations such as children.

White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, was confronted on the lie, here is her response:

However, this was not the only claim she was called out on:

In the face of overwhelming evidence and facts, the Biden administration continues to push false narratives and blame others for the consequences of its own failed policies. Texas is doing its part to protect its citizens and uphold the rule of law, and it is time for the federal government to do the same.