KJP Ends Press Conference After Dicey Question


Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre wanted no parts of a question she was asked about the Durham report and abruptly terminated the press conference.

The Durham report clearly indicated that Hillary Clinton had persaonlly given the thumbs up to “vilify” then- Presidential candidate Donald Trump by claiming Russian interference.

The findings of the investigation discovered that President Obama and then-Vice President Biden were briefed by the CIA that Hillary Clinton approved a campaign to create the Russia collusion hoax.

In other words both Biden and Obama knew what Hillary was up to and at the least said nothing.

Now that this has been exposed Press Secreatry Karine Jean Pierre was asked about Biden’s invovlement and she abruptly ended the briefing.

RealClearNews reporter Philip Wegmann asked, “What is the White House reaction to special counsel report on how the FBI handled the Trump-Russia probe?”

Jean-Pierre responded, “I would leave it to the Department of Justice to speak to that.”

Wegmann didn’t back down, asking, “The president talks often about how he wants the DOJ and FBI to remain independent and above the fray. That report seems to reflect the opposite. Does he agree with Special Counsel Durham that there needs to be wholesale changes at the FBI?”

“Again, that is with the Department of Justice,” Jean-Pierre said as she closed her briefing book. “That’s not something that I’m going to speak from the podium. As you just stated in your question, we believe in an independent Department of Justice. That’s what the president said when he was running and that’s what the president has said the last two years.”

Then she shut everything down and bolted for the door.

“Thank you so much. I’ll see you guys in Japan,” she said while leaving the podium before any more questions could be asked.

You can watch the video below and her body languge says it all.