‘Killer’ Bees Likely Culprit in Texas Incident; One Dead

During the hellacious year of 2020, in which none of us were ever really sure how much worse it could get, we were introduced to new perils almost weekly.  One of these turns-for-the-worse was the introduction of murder hornets to the Pacific Northwest, after the dangerous creatures appear to have caught a ride on a cargo ship from the far east.

And while these heavily venomous, invasive insects are being dealt with accordingly, there is another species of flying, stinging evil that has been tormenting Texans for years:  The Africanized “killer” bee.

Authorities believe that this nuisance animal may be responsible for the death of one person, and a close call with another.

Firefighters in Texas say that bees living inside a tree repeatedly attacked two people, resulting in one person’s death and hospitalizing the other.

Calvin Chaney of the Breckenridge Fire Department said in a Facebook post that the attack took place Monday afternoon at a home in Stephens County, near Hubbard Creek Lake, about 100 miles west of Fort Worth.

When firefighters arrived they “were met with very aggressive bee activity” and had to fight through a swarm to get into the house. One person was in cardiac arrest after being stung multiple times.

Another person was rescued by dressing them in a firefighter’s protective equipment and escaping out of the house into a vehicle.

Authorities had not officially stated that so-called “killer” bees were responsible for the attack, however, Texas is known for their activity.