Tale of Two Governors Both Declare Emergencies But Do Things Starkly Different


We have a tale of two Governors, one Republican and one Democrat. One of them violated the Constitution, and the other is easing the burden of Bidenomics.

The economic woes of the nation have had an unwelcome impact on the good people of Georgia. Gas prices continue to increase at an alarming rate, leaving Georgia’s motorists at the whim of unpredictable market forces. This has forced Governor Brian Kemp to take action and suspend the state’s gas tax in order to provide some temporary relief to those most affected by rising costs.

Kemp’s executive order will provide a much-needed break for those struggling to make ends meat. His action will provide an estimated 31.2 cents off per gallon for regular gasoline and 35 cents off per gallon for diesel fuels. This reprieve may offer some much-needed relief for those prohibitively affected by rising costs.

“From runaway federal spending to policies that hamstring domestic energy production, all Bidenomics has done is take more money out of the pockets of the middle class,” Kemp said. “While high prices continue to hit family budgets, hardworking Georgians deserve real relief and that’s why I signed an executive order today to deliver it directly to them at the pump. Working with partners in the General Assembly, we’ll continue to help Georgians weather the economic headwinds caused by this president, his administration, and their allies in Congress.”

Kemp believes that reversing Trump-era environmental policies, and instead focusing on green alternatives, have harmed the pockets of everyday Georgians.

A few days before Kemp tried to ease the burden for Georgians New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham declared a temporary public health emergency banning the carrying of firearms in the Albuquerque area.

The Governor stated that the Constitution is not absolute and that the violence in the Democrat-controlled city was getting out of control.

Grisham was met with immense backlash from both political parties and lawsuits were filed. It has been reported that a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order against the ban and it is expected to be struck down in court.

The differences between the two Governors are clear. One is trying to help the people he was elected to serve and the other wants to rule over them like a tyrant.