Kathy Griffin Does the UNTHINKABLE as Election Remains Undecided

Kathy Griffin was once a stand-up comedian.  She was once a CNN personality as well, and a face often found on E! Entertainment Television.

The reason for the past-tense here is that Griffin completely decimated her own career early in President Trump’s first term by posing for a photo shoot in which she was shown holding the bloody, severed head of the Commander in Chief.  The gory and gruesome photo was seen as inflammatory and offense, and Griffin was soon canceled by just about everyone who’s ever worked with her.

Now, as our nation stands precariously close to erupting into violence, Griffin seems to have never learned her lesson.

KATHY Griffin has re-tweeted her controversial Donald Trump severed head photo after the president claimed victory in the election.

The picture shows a stony-faced Griffin holding an effigy of Trump’s decapitated, bloodied head and came soon after his extraordinary early morning White House statement.

The comedian was fired from CNN in 2017 after the gory stunt provoked an angry response from Trump supporters.

In a press conference just after 2am, Trump claimed he had won the election and promised to go to the Supreme Court.

A few minutes later Griffin re-shared the photo to her Twitter feed without comment it has so far has being liked nearly 43,000 times.

Two weeks after Griffin’s photos had originally been released, a former Bernie Sanders campaign worker opened fire on the GOP charity baseball team as they were practicing, injuring several congressmen in the process.

We can only imagine that Griffin’s rehashing of the dog whistle does little to lower the national political temperature.