ICYMI: Kanye Continues Descent into Antisemitism: ‘Forgive Hitler’


At this point, there’s really no telling what Kanye West is really up to.

The hip hop superstar who once made waves for suggesting that President George W. Bush “doesn’t care about black people”, has been chumming it up with some notable white supremacists and Holocaust deniers of late, in the sort of story arc that makes us wonder if the simulation is broken.

After repeatedly defending the Nazis and making antisemitic remarks about the Jewish faith, West has now deplorably suggested that Adolf Hitler deserves forgiveness.

Kanye West defended Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazis who brutally murdered six million Jews in the Holocaust for the second time in a week on Monday, urging Jews to “forgive Hitler” in a conversation with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes. White supremacist Nick Fuentes mediated the interview.

West reiterated his stance that Jews cannot tell him who he can and cannot love and added that they “cannot force their pain on everyone else.”

“Jewish people, forgive Hitler today,” he said. “Let it go. Let it go. Stop trying to force it on other people.”

And that wasn’t all:

West claimed that Jews gave Hitler a bad reputation because “they were upset that Hitler was kicking them out of the country.”

The rapper additionally compared the Holocaust to abortion. “The Holocaust is not the only holocaust. So for them to take that and claim when we have abortions right now. That’s eugenics. That’s genocide. That’s a holocaust that we’re dealing with right now.”

Kanye’s comments have seen the rapper and fashion mogul dropped by a number of his major sponsors, including Adidas, who wet had earlier taunted by suggesting that they “could not drop me” even if “I say antisemitic things”.

Spoiler alert, Ye:  They can.