Kamala Loses Her Cool! Freaks Out Over SIMPLE Question from Reporter

Vice President Kamala Harris has been receiving the same complaint, day after day, for over two months, and she appears to be sick and tired of hearing it.

Harris, who was tasked with solving the humanitarian crisis at our southern border 70-some days ago, has yet to actually visit the border as of yet.  Instead, Harris has suggested that she’ll be tackling climate change instead, insisting that this is an underlying cause of illegal immigration.

But the criticisms keep coming, and boy is she sick of hearing it.

Vice President Kamala Harris snapped at a Latina Univision anchor Wednesday, when pressed to answer when she would be visiting the southern border.

“I’m not finished,” Harris snapped, bobbed her head, and then chuckled before claiming she will visit the southern border. “I said I’m going to the border.”

“If we are going to deal with the problems at the border, we have to deal with the problems that cause people to go to the border,” Harris explained, attempting to excuse her lack of attention to the 21-year border crossing high of more than 180,000 in May […]

The tense moment was caught on camera.

The Vice President’s unwillingness to visit the border has caught a number of American politicians off guard, including some members of her own party.