Kamala Harris to Visit Korea DMZ After Neglecting Southern US Border


For months now, there has been a border crisis raging in the United States. It’s undeniable and ongoing and the White House doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it.

Vice President Kamala Harris, installed as “Border Czar” by President Joe Biden early in his first term, spent 90 days in the role before ever visiting the border itself, compounding the government’s inaction with her own willful ignorance.

Now, despite the ongoing crisis, Harris is visiting a completely different disputed border thousands of miles away.

Vice President Kamala Harris plans to travel to the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea on Thursday, the White House confirmed Monday.

Harris will “tour sites at the DMZ, meet with service members and receive an operational briefing from U.S. commanders,” according to a White House statement. The visit aims to reaffirm the United States’ alliance with South Korea, the White House said.

South Korea appeared to be considering the visit a victory.

“Your visit to the DMZ and Seoul will be very symbolic demonstrations of your strong commitments to the security and peace to Korean Peninsula, and we are working with you and U.S. in dealing with North Korea,” South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-soo said Monday in a meeting with Harris.

The White House confirmed the planned trip after the prime minister mentioned it in remarks Monday. The DMZ has existed since an armistice halted the Korean War in July 1953; the two Koreas technically remain at war.

Harris’ stunt may just be an expensive attempt at deflating former President Donald Trump’s visit to the region during his first term, however, making the unique accomplishment a little less special.