Just in Time For Trick or Treaters, ‘The Conjuring’ House is For Sale


Have you been looking for the perfect place to hold supernatural sleepovers?  What about a spot for your gal pals to sell Avon to apparitions?  Or, perhaps a paranormal pool party is more up your alley?

Well, for $1.2 million, the perfect location awaits. 

A Rhode Island farmhouse that was the site of a now-legendary haunting that inspired the hit film The Conjuring has reportedly gone on the market for $1.2 million. Back in 1971, the Perron family reported an array of unusual and unsettling paranormal activity in the residence, which is located in the community of Burrillville. Their account was subsequently investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren, who determined that the house was haunted by the spirit of a 19th-century witch who had once lived in the home.

So, what drove the house back onto the market?  Pesky poltergeists?

The house was […] sold to paranormal investigators Cory and Jennifer Heinzen in 2019 and the couple turned the residence into a tourist attraction, offering overnight stays in the home and ghost tours on the property.

The idea proved to be such a smashing success that the Heinzens have actually decided to sell the house because, realtor Benjamin Kean explained, “they would have to hire a full-time staff to continue it the way it is.” As such, not only is the home for sale, but the business is as well and the Heinzens hope that the next owner of the property will continue operating it as an attraction. “It’s very important that people can go there and do their own investigations and do their own research,” Kean said regarding the future of the Conjuring house.

Boy, would we love to be a fly on the wall when they call down to the home insurance company.