Just Days After Texas Sighting, Red Orbs Manifest High Over Seattle Suburbs


All right, we’ll admit it:  2020 is getting to be just a little weird.

It was less than two weeks ago that every major sport in the nation canceled or postponed their events on account of a global pandemic of coronavirus.  In the time since that monumental and unprecedented set of decisions were made, the Olympics have canceled, a national emergency has been declared, and most major cities have gone into a pseudo-lockdown.

These are unprecedented and strange times, certainly, and they’re being made all the more bizarre by continued and seemingly related UFO sightings.

A strange video has emerged of what appears to be several red lights hovering above Washington in almost exactly the same fashion as ones that were seen over Texas just last week.

The footage shows as many as three bright, round UFOs forming into a triangle pattern before a fourth one appears.

The objects then transforms its colour into bright red for a few seconds before returning to pure white.

After the fourth orb appears, the lights appear to change formation and move into a straight line.

YouTube vlogger “Denspion” took the video on Friday, March 20, in Burien, Washington, near Seattle.

Some were quick to point out that previous sightings such as this were chalked up to wayward Chinese lanterns, but, given the bizarre nature of the patterns being flown this seems unlikely.

You can judge for yourself: