Judge Denies GOP Request to Extend Arizona Voting Hours After…


In the heated aftermath of the 2020 election, a great deal of attention became affixed to a number of counties around the nation.

Fulton County in Georgia and Maricopa County in Arizona were two of the most talked about electoral stories out there, with some on the far right suggesting that there may have been some malfeasance involved in some of those locales.

In 2022’s midterm, as Maricopa County once again makes headlines, a judge has now denied a request for a balloting extension that was being requested by the GOP.

An Arizona court ruled against a Republican-backed lawsuit to keep polls open for provisional ballots in Maricopa County after “hiccups” with some vote tabulators earlier in the day caused confusion at polling places.

“The court does not have evidence there was a voter who was precluded the right to vote from what was presented,” the judge said minutes before polls closed Tuesday.

And then:

“From what I’ve seen they all got a collection of their vote,” the judge also said as the lawyer for GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters’ campaign argued before the court. Masters’ campaign, the Republican National Committee and the campaign for Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake were behind the lawsuit.

Several polling places had earlier reported issues with their tabulation machines, but officials insisted that there was no loss of integrity on account of the malfunction.