Joe Biden to Reveal Executive Order That Limits the Second Amendment

Perhaps it was only a matter of time before the radical left convinced Joe Biden to do the unthinkable.

You see, the Democrats are no fans of the Second Amendment.  In fact, they’e spent decades now trying to equate the violent, deranged actions of certifiable lunatics with lawful gun owners.

This has brought the almighty Second Amendment under attack time and time again, often in the wake of one of these unavoidable tragedies that, in the absence of a firearm, could have occurred via knife or car or bomb.

This week, it appears as though President Joe Biden will take a head-on approach to the issue of the right to bear arms, but there’s just one problem:  His authority is insufficient, even as the Commander in Chief.

President Biden will announce new executive action on gun control on Thursday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki indicated.

Psaki, during her press briefing Wednesday, declined to go into details on what the action would entail but said the president would have “more to say” tomorrow.

Earlier Wednesday, Politico first reported that an executive order is coming – after three recent mass shootings in Boulder, Colorado, Atlanta, Georgia, and Orange, California.

Sources told the outlet Biden would begin the process of requiring those who buy “ghost guns,” firearms that lack serial numbers since they’re sold in pieces and put together at home, to undergo background checks. Biden is expected to be joined at the event by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Of course, this will allow ample opportunity for gun rights advocates to remind the nation that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, outweighing even the authority of a White House E.O.