Joe Biden Set to Abandon Americans in Afghanistan, REFUSES to Extend Deadline


If there’s one thing that the US military does not do, it’s leave people behind.  This is an in-born trait of our armed services.  It’s baked into our recipe, so to speak.

But this rich history of loyalty and honor doesn’t seem to jibe with Joe Biden’s latest decision making, as he refuses to extend his own arbitrary deadline to leave Afghanistan, setting up a situation in which many Americans and the allies who fought with us could be left for the Taliban to do with as they please.

President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the United States is on track to meet the current Aug. 31 deadline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, leaving a narrow timeline to finish evacuating Americans and Afghan allies.

Speaking from the White House Tuesday afternoon, Biden said that the timeline depended on the Taliban’s continued cooperation in allowing people to access the Kabul airport. Biden said he asked the Pentagon and the State Department to prepare contingency plans to stay in Afghanistan longer if it becomes necessary, but that he was mindful of the increased risk of military conflict.

The President was optimistic.

“We are currently on a pace to finish by August the 31st. The sooner we can finish, the better,” Biden said. “Each day of operations brings added risk to our troops.”

This assessment flies in the face of experts and other lawmakers alike, who believe that Biden’s withdrawal could bring about not only a chaotic situation for Afghanis, but could also lead to more major international terror attacks, as the Taliban have had a reputation for fostering these sort of cretins in the past.