Jim Jordan Drops Subpoenas, He’s Taking No Prisoners


The House Judiciary Committee, under the direction of Chairman Jim Jordan, is taking action to investigate the role of former New York County Special Assistant District Attorney Mark Pomerantz in the investigation of former President Donald Trump‘s finances. Pomerantz resigned in protest after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg declined to charge Trump with any crimes.

Jordan is now subpoenaing Pomerantz to testify about the investigation and to shed light on the politically motivated prosecution of current and former presidents. In a letter attached to the subpoena, Jordan highlighted Pomerantzs public criticism of Bragg and his book,People vs. Donald Trump: An Inside Account. Jordan noted that Pomerantz once said hemarveled at the thought of beingat the center of what might become one of the most consequential criminal cases ever brought, drawing a comparison between the investigation of Trump and the indictment of Osama bin Laden and other members of al Qaeda for the bombing of the United States embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Jordan is adamant that Congress has a valid and important interest in preventing politically motivated prosecutions of current and former presidents and that the subpoenas are necessary to inform potential legislative reforms that would protect them from such prosecutions. He argues that if state and local prosecutors are allowed to bring charges against presidents, it could have a profound impact on how they exercise their powers while in office.

The subpoena of Pomerantz is a critical step in the investigation of the politically motivated prosecution of President Trump. Congress should take action to prevent such prosecutions in the future. The argument that the investigation of President Trump was politically motivated and that it was a waste of time and resources stands strong. The subpoena of Pomerantz is a step in the right direction to make sure this never happens again.