Jim Carrey’s Painting Gruesomely Blames Donald Trump for COVID-19

Jim Carrey has been trying his hand at art as of late, to some very confusing degrees.

On one hand, Carrey is incredibly famous, having spent decades as one of Hollywood’s most famous funnymen.  His art is going to attract followers the same way a lock of his hair would fetch top dollar on eBay.

On the other hand, however, Carrey has committed two cardinal sins of the art world:  He’s overtly political and he also has no real talent.  Instead of constructing art, the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective star simply finds new ways to offend those who disagree with him politically all while drawing at a 4th grade level.

His latest is no exception. 

Left-wing Hollywood actor Jim Carrey posted a grotesque painting depicting a tearful man breathing from a ventilator and wearing a red hat with the words “MAKE AMERICA DIE FOR HIM” on it.

Carrey’s latest political painting is similar to most of his pieces in that it smears average Americans who support President Donald Trump. The Sonic the Hedgehog star captioned his tweet, “180,000 death and counting.”

The image was somehow both too poor of quality to be taken seriously and too on the nose for it to contain any other intrinsic value.

Carrey has been in one heck of a slump as of late, having only released one major motion picture to his name in recent years:  The audience-loathed and critically-panned Sonic The Hedgehog.