Jill Biden Makes Major Hint About Biden’s 2024 Plans


With former President Donald Trump having already launched himself back into the political fracas with an early 2024 campaign announcement, the focus of our nation will soon be fully set upon the upcoming electoral cycle, and the litmus test that comes with it.

On the right, there are serious concerns about Donald Trump’s ability to win another election, (or even the Republican primary), particularly as a number of legal threats continue to weigh on him and the Trump organization.

For the Democrats, the question of electability is also front and center in the discussion, as President Joe Biden’s age and record weigh heavy on his reputation.

For the First Lady, however, there is no question.

First lady Jill Biden, despite being so worn out from a recent circuit of White House events that she lost her voice, is now seriously looking ahead to her husband running for reelection in 2024. That’s a tidal shift from her position just three months ago.

Seven people familiar with Biden’s thinking told CNN that her private conversations about another run now match her publicly enthusiastic persona, as well as the sentiments of President Joe Biden.

The first lady was still mostly skeptical as of early fall – “not a proponent,” as one person familiar with her thinking told CNN. But in the month since the November midterm elections, in which Democrats defied the fate of most parties of first-term presidents, friends noted a change.

Just how sure is she?

Jill Biden is now “all in” on the idea, according to a person who works with the East Wing.

Even though the last several weeks of high-profile events have left her “exhausted,” said another person, “she has begun to say the quiet part out loud.”

The news could irk a number of Democrats who’ve been open and transparent about their hopes for a more progressive and younger candidate for 2024.