Jan. 6 Committee Gets CRAZY, Begins Pushing CRIMINAL Charges

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with the gaggle of progressives that she’s dragged along into the January 6th select committee, have long stood accused of attempting to steer their new crew right back to where they were in the last several months of the Trump administration.  Only, this time, their purpose appears to be a rehashing of the former President’s second impeachment trial, and it appears to be going nowhere.

In fact, just last week the team issued a number of heavy duty subpoenas that took aim at Trump’s inner circle.  This caused Steven Bannon to lash out, telling the committee that they could go kick rocks until a court ordered him to be there.

That day is fast approaching. 

“Mr. Bannon will comply with our investigation or he will face the consequences,” the committee’s chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., said in prepared remarks to open a meeting to take up the contempt report.

“Maybe he’s willing to be a martyr to the disgraceful cause of whitewashing what happened on January 6th — of demonstrating his complete loyalty to the former President,” Thompson added. “So I want other witnesses to understand something very plainly: If you’re thinking of following the path Mr. Bannon has gone down, you’re on notice that this is what you’ll face.”

But then…

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday evening unanimously approved a criminal contempt report against Steve Bannon, an ally of former President Donald Trump’s, for defying a subpoena from the panel.

The vote sends the measure to the full House for a planned vote Thursday. If the chamber approves it, the referral would be sent on to federal law enforcement for potential charges.