James Carville has Dirty and Desperate Suggestion for Coming Election


It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Democratic Party is growing desperate.  The last several months have proven that the Biden administration is failing, with only a scant few political “wins” to hang their hat on.

And so, as the midterms approach, (and the likely “red wave” approaches with it), some Democratic operatives are suggesting employing a rather dirty trick.

Democratic strategist James Carville pushed back on Saturday against CNN’s Jim Acosta over concerns about Democrat interference in Republican primaries.

Acosta questioned the ongoing strategy of Democrat groups boosting “extremist Republicans” during the primaries to ensure their presence in the midterm elections.

“This has been something that’s been talked about quite a bit in Democratic circles as to whether or not this is good idea. We’ve seen efforts by Democratic campaigns and outside groups to tilt the playing field in their favor by propping up extremist Republican candidates in some of these very critical races around the country, the idea that it would make it easier for Democrats to win,” Acosta said.

It could backfire, however.

“But on the flip side,” he warned. “If the vote doesn’t go their way, you could end up with conspiracy theorists, election deniers and so on in some pretty important places.”

This sort of egregious electoral fraud should worry Americans of all political slants, as it fully demonstrates that sheer desperation of the Democratic Party.