Is It Time to Start Prepping for WWIII? – Watch


Putin is painting himself into a corner and could soon lash out globally, Iran is continuing to maneuver in secret, and China is out in the open sending spy balloons across America. It’s no wonder there is a growing movement for doomsday preppers who are preparing for WWIII. 

Those behind this movement want you to know that by the time most of us recognize our need for resources, it will likely be too late. WWIII will most likely come with a nuclear blast.

One group sounding the alarm,, has broken it down for the public into four crucial categories. 

How to Prep for Nuclear War

What You Need in Your Survival Kits

How to Survive a Nuclear Blast

What to Do After a Nuclear Attack

The first category, How to Prep for Nuclear War, involves three things to look into right now: get a survival kit, locate a safe place to stay during the blast, and create an emergency plan for you and your loved ones. 

These are suggested items to keep in your survival kit, which is category number 2: Gas masks and filters, iodine, water filters, canned goods and ready-to-eat meals, medical kits, drink mixes, multi-vitamins, hydrogen peroxide, pain killers, dried milk, can opener, sanitary napkins/diapers, flashlights, batteries, a fire extinguisher, and lots of bottled water.

To survive a nuclear blast, you have to have a way to listen to official information, know of a building that can provide the best protection, get below ground if possible, and expect to stay put for up to a week. 

The fallout from a nuclear blast could be the most dangerous part of WWIII. Radioactive decay takes years to disappear. Here are some helpful hints about what to do after the attack: Wear your mask, stay away from “hazmat” sites, stay up to date on official information, stay clean, and stay positive. 

One site gives this summary of advice, “Hope for the best and plan for the worse.”