Investigations by Multiple Jurisdictions Now Targeting Trump’s Children

Donald Trump, in the weeks following his first term as the President of these United States, has had plenty of thinking to do.

First, there’s the relief he’s processing after being acquitted for a second time by the Senate, this time after being accused of “inciting an insurrection”.

Then there’s the issue of just what he’s going to do now – an answer that we may get partial answers to when he addresses the crowd at CPAC at the end of the month.

And, of course, there are plenty of investigations out there, targeting The Don for all manner of purported issues.

Now, to make matters worse, some of these investigations are now targeting his kids as well.

For months, some of Donald Trump’s top advisers have assured him that he has virtually nothing to fear from the Manhattan district attorney’s tax investigation, which they view as merely “fishing” for information. But investigators with the D.A.’s office have been expanding their criminal probe into Trump’s business empire, asking questions and grilling witnesses—as recently as in the past few days—not only about Trump but particularly about his eldest son, Don Jr., and Allen Weisselberg, one of the former president’s most trusted officers, The Daily Beast has learned.

This latest round of interest in Trump Jr. and Weisselberg’s activities, as well as other new developments, underscore the resources and the gravity that New York prosecutors are devoting to the investigation, just as Trump continues to publicly decry the probe as another example of Democrats picking on him.

Jr. is also being targeted in an ongoing investigation hailing out of Washington DC, which revolves around the way in which the Trump organization spent funds during the inauguration of Donald J. Trump.