Insiders Drop BOMBSHELL About Biden’s 2024 Plans


With former President Donald Trump already in the race for the White House in 2024, the Democratic Party is beginning to realize that they have some difficult decisions to make in the coming days and weeks.

Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee for the moment, but there are other Republicans waiting in the wings to challenge him…just as soon as they can reliably guess what the DOJ is going to do with the criminal referrals sent their way by the January 6th select committee.

On the left side of the aisle, however, things are just as tawdry.  President Joe Biden has only now begun to see his approval rating increase, and his advanced age has kept many Democrats from overtly supporting the idea of a reelection run for the Commander in Chief.

Biden appears ready to run anyway.

President Biden’s reelection campaign is preparing to launch.

After months of “will he or won’t he,” Biden and his senior aides are readying the details around his 2024 campaign.

Multiple sources tell The Hill the president is planning to make his intentions to run for a second White House term public in the coming weeks, likely in February, around the State of the Union.

And then…

One source close to Biden’s 2020 campaign with knowledge of the president’s plans said a more formal announcement is expected to come in April.

Behind the scenes, his advisers are meeting with key allies and are putting together an expansive and revamped digital presence.

Biden turned 80 last year, and would be the oldest President ever elected, (and reelected), should he be successful in 2024.  This has led many Democrats to suggest that a younger, more contemporary politician take his place on the ballot in ’24.