INSANE VIDEO: Teenage Girl Shoves BEAR Off Balcony to Save Dogs

Dog owners of this nation have long been fiercely proud of our companions, loving them like we would any other family member, and maybe even a little more than some family members.

So, when they have a problem, we are naturally inclined to solve it. We understand that these animals won’t live as long as we will, and so we tend to make sure that their lives are simply perfect while we still can.

It is this devotion that led one teenaged girl in California to do the unthinkable this week.

Hailey Morinico didn’t hesitate when she saw a large bear facing off with her family dogs from the top of a wall in their Southern California backyard.

The 17-year-old ran outside and shoved the bear away, then rounded up the dogs and went back inside her house in suburban Bradbury, east of Los Angeles.

Home surveillance video aired by the ABC 7 television station shows the mother bear perched atop the wall, swatting at a large black dog on the ground. Two bear cubs are seen behind the bear while four smaller dogs bark and dart around the yard.

That footage was soon circulating on social media as well.

Luckily, there were no injuries reported in the incident.