INSANE PHOTOS: Swing State’s Early Voting Turnout CRIPPLES Polling Stations

When it comes to Donald Trump’s chances for reelection, there are a few states that he simply has to win.

First and foremost is Florida; without the sunshine state, Trump needs a veritable cadre of miracles to retain the White House.

Of course, some of the usual suspects are considered swing states again this election.  Ohio and Pennsylvania almost immediately come to mind, of course, but there’s a new kid on the block as well with Georgia being considered a “purple” state for the first time in several decades.

This week marked the beginning of the early voting period in the Peach State, and boy what an opening day it was…

Early voting for the Nov. 3 election began Monday in Georgia, and thousands of voters lined sidewalks and streets throughout the state to have their voices heard in one of the most contentious elections the country has ever seen.

The computer failures that plagued the primary elections in June were again an issue in pockets of precincts. There were reports of polling locations with too few poll workers. High turnout on Columbus Day when many voters were off work contributed to the logjam, as did continued concerns among many voters about mail-in ballots.

Election officials in Fulton County were aware of an issue with the electronic pollbooks used to check voters in at State Farm Arena, where Atlanta’s NBA and WNBA teams play, county spokeswoman Jessica Corbitt-Dominguez told the Associated Press. Technicians were on site working to resolve it, she said.

Images of the messy polling were soon spreading via social media.

While the enthusiasm is certainly a wonderful thing to see here in the land of the free, one has to wonder how this will effect Georgia’s ability to handle the counts on November 3rd.