IG Influencer Deletes Israel Post After Backlash


Celebrities and influencers often seize the chance to join a political movement. However, the heart-wrenching massacre of over 900 Jews in Israel and the kidnapping of numerous others, shamelessly publicized by terrorists, has unfortunately elicited a disappointingly subdued reaction from these prominent social media figures.

The very celebrities who chime in on every cultural war issue have curiously fallen silent. This disturbing silence reveals not only their collective historical ignorance but also their sheer lack of courage.

The small list of folks who strongly support Israel are Amy Schumer, Mark Hamill, Madonna, Ashley Tisdale, Amar’e Stoudemire, Liev Schreiber, and Natalie Portman and Gal Gadot, who were both born in Israel.

Then there’s the spineless makeup saleswoman Kylie Jenner who runs with the Kardashian clan.

Over the weekend, the 26-year-old reposted a meme from Stand With Us, a pro-Israel nonprofit, to Instagram: “Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel!”

It was a very mild statement that one would expect from that type of organization. It was hardly controversial.

No doubt she posted it to use it to boost her profile.

However, Jenner received backlash from her fans and she deleted the post.

“Don’t get involved in politics and say that u support i**ael. P@lestine has been suffering for ages,” one person chimed in on a later post.

“Are u even human if u are with zionists,” said another.

Rather than staunchly upholding the fundamental principle that terrorism and the deliberate harm of innocent civilians is unequivocally immoral — a position that hardly requires daring — Jenner seemingly recognized that a mere Instagram share could potentially harm her business prospects.
It’s all about the money.

Within a mere hour of its publication, she capitulated, promptly removing the objectionable post from her Stories.

We wouldn’t want to jeopardize her new Power Plush Longwear Concealer along with her angled vegan brush, which is “cruelty free,” as she noted in an Instagram post.

It would have been better if she didn’t say anything at all.

Actress Sara Foster made a good point on social media using the caption, ““I do not support the killing of innocent people. The people dying are not the ones on this radical plight. The loving Palestinians I know do not want this. The loving people of Israel do not want this. Hamas is EVIL. Period. How can ANYONE of any nationality or race defend this?” she shared to her Instagram Story, alongside a post from the Stand With Us organization, which fights antisemitism and supports Israel.”

Meanwhile, people with a spine, like Natalie Portman, spoke out.


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