IDF Heroine Celebrated For Actions On Oct 7 When She Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice


On October 7, 2023, Second Lieutenant Adar Ben Simon, 20, was a platoon commander leading a rookie course at an IDF station.

When Adar and her commanders learned that a large number of terrorists were attacking the base, “their immediate priority was to protect the rookies under their command.”

The commanders quickly put the rookies in shelters and prepared to engage. Sadly in the fighting, Adar lost her life.

The image was provided to the Jerusalem Post by the family.


“Adar fearlessly engaged in battle, fighting with all her might to eliminate the terrorists and defend her country, while ensuring the safety of her soldiers and sacrificing her own life. Together with her comrades, she fought valiantly against overwhelming odds, and thanks to their bravery, almost all the recruits returned home unharmed. We are determined to ensure that everyone knows what an incredible hero Adar was, a true Israeli heroine who gave everything for the country she loved so deeply,” her relatives said.

During the funeral service Adar’s older sister gave an account.

“On that Saturday, October 7th, I woke up to an alarm and immediately messaged you, ‘Hey Adar, are you at the base? Are there alarms?’ You replied, ‘You can’t imagine the fear. Missiles are flying above me, even landing inside the base,'” her sister recalled.

“It was the first time you expressed fear to me, and then you messaged again, saying, ‘Nine terrorists are running towards us. I’ve got a bullet in the chamber. Shema Yisrael. We’ll talk later.'”

“I pleaded with you to hide and protect yourself, but you remained a hero, leading the way and shielding everyone else. ‘We’re in position, waiting for them,’ you updated me as if you knew exactly what was going to happen. Then, at 7:38 a.m., I received your last message, ‘We’re in a firefight. My soldiers have been wounded.’ I kept asking if you were okay, desperate for a sign, but you never replied.”

“How you loved serving in the army,” her sister continued. “You were a true fighter, admired and respected by everyone, even more so now.

A local Israeli news station, i24, recently published some amazing helmet footage from the 13th fleet’s battle on October 7. The 13th Fleet arrested 26 Hamas fighters, killed 60, rescued 250 hostages, and captured the deputy commander of the southern naval brigade of Hamas, Muhammad Abu A’ali.