Hunter’s Art Dealer Testifies


The Hunter Biden art scandal just took a surprising turn as new testimony directly contradicts the White House’s story. According to a recent interview, the art dealer who sold Hunter Biden’s paintings revealed that not only did Hunter know many of the buyers, but President Joe Biden himself was involved in the sales process.

The art dealer, George Berges, testified that Hunter was aware of 70% of the buyers, most of whom were Democrat donors. This directly contradicts the White House’s claim that an ethics agreement was in place to ensure the first family had no knowledge of the buyers. Berges also disclosed that Hunter’s first contract required him to be informed of the buyers, which is highly unusual in the art world.

“I believe in the first contract, he was—he was able to know who the buyers were,” Berges told investigators for the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees in a transcribed interview last week that was reviewed by Just the News. “…I don’t know how it was phrased or—but I remember that there—that that was the difference.”

“That part was different. Normally, the gallerist does not let the artist know who the collectors are,” the art dealer answered.

But even more shocking is the revelation that Joe Biden personally contacted Berges about the art sales. The president reportedly called and met with Berges while he was pitching Hunter’s artwork, and also called to congratulate Berges’ daughter on finishing camp. This information supports previous testimony from Hunter’s former business partner, who claimed that Joe Biden had been in contact with Hunter’s foreign business associates while he was vice president.

The art dealer also confirmed previous reporting that Hunter received a staggering amount of money for his art, with Hollywood lawyer and Democrat donor Kevin Morris purchasing at least $875,000 worth of pieces. Other buyers included Elizabeth Naftali, a federal appointee chosen by Joe Biden, and Lanette Phillips, a fundraiser for the president. Berges also noted that the first piece was sold just before Joe Biden took office in 2020.

But perhaps the most baffling part of Berges’ testimony was his lack of communication with the White House over the supposed ethics agreement. Despite reports of safeguards being put in place, Berges stated that he had never spoken to anyone from the White House about it. This raises questions about the validity of the ethics agreement and the involvement of the Biden administration in the sales.

It’s clear that this latest testimony further calls into question the integrity of the Biden family and the White House. Hunter Biden’s art sales have been surrounded by controversy from the beginning, and these revelations only add to the growing list of issues. It’s time for the Biden administration to be transparent and accountable for their actions, rather than hiding behind false narratives and dubious agreements. As this scandal continues to unfold, the American people deserve the truth about the Biden family’s dealings.

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