HUNGER HELL: Mankind Will Run Out of Food by the Year…


From Nostradamus to Al Gore, there have been no shortage of doomsday prophets within humanity.  We seem to oddly enjoy the idea of predicting our own demise, so much so that we tend to go through phases regarding just which way we’ll go out.

For a while there, we all just assumed that some giant space rock was going to come out of the deepest corner of the universe and wallop us, much like the way in which we believe the dinosaurs were wiped out.  Then there were the fears regarding the giant volcano under Yellowstone National Park erupting, blotting out the sun for months on end with its ash and dust.

And, of course, there are plenty of folks who think that we’ll somehow do this to ourselves, either through climate change or some other world-altering habit of ours…like eating.

THE world will run out of food in 27 years, scientists have warned.

They have launched a doomsday countdown and say we have exactly 27 years and 251 days left as of Sunday ( April 24).

Sociobiologist Edward Wilson explained we would need two planet Earths to feed the current need, adding: “There are limits to Earth’s capacity to feed humanity.

The situation appears to be a dire one.

“Even if everyone on the planet agreed to become vegetarian, the world’s farmland could not support the need. The world population will be too big to feed itself.

“By then, there will be almost 10billion people on the planet and the food demand will have increased by 70% compared to what we needed in 2017.

Wilson’s predictions were backed up by a number of other key scientists, many of whom suggested that future world wars could be fought over food and water.