Huge Piece of America’s Nuclear Arsenal is Headed to Europe

A Strategic Air Command B-52G Stratofortress aircraft prepares to take off on a mission during Operation Desert Storm.

Vladimir Putin surely realizes that things are not going well for him in Ukraine, this is obvious.  But there is another, more complex concern for the Kremlin beyond just having their backsides handed to them by Kyiv’s forces.

You see, now that the world understands just how paltry the Russian military is, the fear that Putin once employed to remain relevant on the world’s stage is dissipating.

Now, in a show of force that will undoubtedly remind the Kremlin of the true global pecking order, the United States is sending a massive piece of their nuclear arsenal toward Mother Russia.

U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress bombers will lead fighter jets from Belgium, Germany, and 12 other countries across Europe’s skies on annual nuclear exercises Monday, amid reports Russia has increased the number of strategic bombers close to its border with NATO-member state Norway.

The annual NATO training is going ahead despite rising fears President Vladimir Putin might consider a real nuclear strike in Ukraine.

The massive drill’s timing was no accident, either.

Up to 60 aircraft are taking part in training flights alongside the American long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bombers over Belgium, the North Sea and Britain to practise the use of U.S. nuclear bombs based in Europe, Reuters reports.

The jets will be escorted by other warplanes along with refuelling aircraft and spy planes.

“Steadfast Noon” is likely to coincide with Moscow’s own annual nuclear drills, dubbed “Grom”, which are normally conducted in late October and in which Russia tests its nuclear-capable bombers, submarines and missiles.

Russia’s recent nuclear threats were not said to play any role in the planning of these events, but the timing of the enormous drills certainly will send a message to Putin all the same.