House Rep. Ripped After Calling for ‘Bloodshed’ and Breaking Insurrectionists Out of Jail


The whole concept of creating a nation in which citizens were free to speak their truth was that this sort of discourse would prevent the violence of the old ways, of the monarchal and tyrannical reigns that pushed the people to their breaking point.

This is the very ethos of America:  United we stand, divided we fall.  It is simply un-American to suggest that violence is somehow the answer to any political fight, and there are no shortage of patriots out there who are willing to remind us of that.

This is why freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn is catching flak this week.

“Anybody who tells you that Joe Biden was dutifully elected is lying to you,” Cawthorn declared in a video the party posted on its Facebook page before deleting it on Tuesday following blowback.

“The things that we are wanting to fight for, it doesn’t matter if our votes don’t count,” Cawthorn said. “Because, you know, if our election systems continue to be rigged and continue to be stolen, then it’s going to lead to one place — and it’s bloodshed.”

And then…

“The big problem is, we don’t actually know where all the political prisoners are,” he said. “So if we were to actually be able to go and try and bust them out ― and let me tell you, the reason why they’re taking these political prisoners is because they’re trying to make an example. ‘Cause they don’t want to see the mass protests going on in Washington.”

An audience member asked Cawthorn “when are you going to call us to Washington again?”

“We are actively working on that one,” Cawthorn replied. “We have a few plans in motion I can’t make public right now, but this is something that we’re working on.”

The January 6th select committee is now seeking phone and telecommunication records from a number of congressional figures, and rhetoric such as Cawthorn’s found in those transcripts would certainly be cause for concern among patriotic Americans.